terracotta serve

Serve rasters through a local Flask development server.

Either -d/–database or -r/–raster-pattern must be given.


$ terracotta serve -r /path/to/rasters/{name}/{date}_{band}_{}.tif

The empty group {} is replaced by a wildcard matching anything (similar to * in glob patterns).

This command is a data exploration tool and not meant for production use. Deploy Terracotta as a WSGI or serverless app instead.

terracotta serve [OPTIONS]


-d, --database <database>

Database to serve from.

-r, --raster-pattern <raster_pattern>

A format pattern defining paths and keys of the raster files to serve.

--rgb-key <rgb_key>

Key to use for RGB compositing [default: last key in pattern]. Has no effect if -r/–raster-pattern is not given.


Enable Flask debugging.


Enable Flask profiling.

--database-provider <database_provider>

Specify the driver to use to read database [default: auto detect].


Allow connections from outside IP addresses. Use with care!

--port <port>

Port to use [default: first free port between 5000 and 5099].