terracotta ingest

Ingest a collection of raster files into a (new or existing) SQLite database.

First argument is a format pattern defining paths and keys of all raster files.


$ terracotta ingest /path/to/rasters/{name}/{date}_{band}{}.tif -o out.sqlite

The empty group {} is replaced by a wildcard matching anything (similar to * in glob patterns).

Existing datasets are silently overwritten, unless you set –skip-existing.

This command only supports the creation of a simple, local SQLite database without any additional metadata. For more sophisticated use cases use the Terracotta Python API.

terracotta ingest [OPTIONS] RASTER_PATTERN


-o, --output-file <output_file>

Required Path to output file


Speed up ingestion by skipping computation of metadata (will be computed on first request instead)

--rgb-key <rgb_key>

Key to use for RGB compositing [default: last key in pattern]


Skip existing datasets by key

-q, --quiet

Suppress all output to stdout





Required argument