Source code for terracotta


Initialize global setup

# get version
    from terracotta._version import version as __version__  # noqa: F401
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    # package is not installed
    raise RuntimeError(
        "Terracotta has not been installed correctly. Please run `pip install -e .` or "
        "`python develop` in the Terracotta package folder."
    ) from None

# initialize settings, define settings API
from typing import Mapping, Any, Set
from terracotta.config import parse_config, TerracottaSettings

_settings: TerracottaSettings = parse_config()
_overwritten_settings: Set = set()

[docs] def update_settings(**new_config: Any) -> None: """Update the global Terracotta runtime settings. Arguments: new_config: Options to override. Have to be valid Terracotta settings. Example: >>> import terracotta as tc >>> tc.get_settings().DEFAULT_TILE_SIZE (256, 256) >>> tc.update_settings(DEFAULT_TILE_SIZE=[512, 512]) >>> tc.get_settings().DEFAULT_TILE_SIZE (512, 512) """ from terracotta.config import parse_config global _settings, _overwritten_settings current_config = {k: getattr(_settings, k) for k in _overwritten_settings} _settings = parse_config({**current_config, **new_config}) _overwritten_settings |= set(new_config.keys())
[docs] def get_settings() -> TerracottaSettings: # noqa: F821 """Returns the current set of global runtime settings. Example: >>> import terracotta as tc >>> tc.get_settings().DEBUG False """ return _settings
del parse_config, TerracottaSettings del Mapping, Any, Set # expose API from terracotta.drivers import get_driver # noqa: F401 __all__ = ( "get_driver", "get_settings", "update_settings", )